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Frequently Asked Questions

Get instant answers to your questions by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions section before reaching out. It's the quickest way to find the information you're looking for!

If you are an existing and regular customer, the price lists can be accessed via the 'Product Data' link that becomes visible upon logging in. For new customers based in the UK and EU, a trial option is also available for your convenience. Please note, this trial option is not extended to customers outside of the UK and EU. For additional details.
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To order, simply register your account by completing the short form: New Customer
Then add the items that you require into your basket and procced to the checkout and complete the payment process with your credit or debit card.

  • We are an online distributor and that all orders need to be placed online
  • Our stock levels are live on our site. Items that are out of stock will be clearly marked.
  • It will not be possible to order items that are out of stock or to order more than we have available.
  • We do not offer any additional discounts. We always offer our best price to all of our customers and this is the price online.
  • We do not offer credit facilities.
Delivery information: UK Mainland Customers | International Customers
No. Sadly we do not offer dropshipping. You can arrange for your order to be delivered to your customer; however, we do not split packs and carriage will be applicable for international orders and UK orders that are under our carriage free amount.
Delivery information
Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information on due dates. All information available is show on our website.

Once signed in to your account, due dates will be shown on all product that are out of stock.
  • Yellow Box - Confirmed Date: The delivery is due on this date. (please note deliveries can sometimes be delayed or arrive early).
  • Red Box - Approximate Date: Delivery has not been confirmed but the this is an approximate due date.
  • Red Box - No Due Dates: We are waiting for information on this product. The due date is currently unavailble.
Get Notified When a Product Arrives Back in Stock:
Once you have logged into your account you will see a blue “Notify Me” button for products that are out of stock. Simply click this and an email will be set to you once the product has come back into stock.
You may need to be quick once you receive the email as all stock is sold on a first come basis and ONLY through our website.
We currently deliver to most countries within the EU.
For more information, including delivery for countries outside of the EU, click here more information.
Document of Conformity:

We understand that ensuring product quality and meeting regional standards is essential for your business. That's why we offer Documents of Conformity and test and standards certificates for products purchased from us. Please note that these documents are currently available only for the UK and EU regions.

To ensure that our comprehensive documentation serves genuine customers and not merely those who wish to trade with certificates, we can provide these documents exclusively to customers with a minimum account spend of £800.00 + VAT.

Unfortunately, we can't tailor the Documents of Conformity to third-party specifications; they will strictly meet legal requirements. For more in-depth information, we invite you to explore this link (

If the required Document of Conformity isn't immediately available, it may take up to 3 weeks for us to provide it. Should you need it before your order ships, simply drop us an email at [email protected] to hold your order until the documents are ready. Documents may only be provided in English.

Important Note:

Some manufacturers, especially smaller ones that want to exclusively sell their products on third-party platforms, may not provide any documents. This is usually due to their own policies to restrict their product sales or licensing restrictions for supplying products outside the UK. While we strive to work with compliant suppliers, we occasionally receive notice of policy changes after document requests.

If Documents of Conformity are essential for a specific product or manufacturer and you already meet our minimum spend requirements, please verify with us by email that we can obtain these documents before placing your order. This will avoid any disappointment and inconvenience if the manufacturer declines to provide the DOCs.

14+ Age Range Products:

Please be aware that we may be unable to provide documents for items in the 14+ age range as these do not legally require EC DOCs, and some manufacturers choose not to obtain them.

Authorisation Letter:

For those who wish to demonstrate an official supplier relationship for resale purposes, we can provide a letter of authorisation from NDA Toys. Just like with the Documents of Conformity, this service is available to our dedicated customers with a minimum account spend of £800.00 + VAT. All authorisation letters will be provided in English.

Third-Party Approvals:

At this time, we can't offer services to help with third-party approval for platforms like Amazon or eBay. We recommend checking your specific needs against our offerings before making a purchase.

We do not provide any services to help sellers with third-party approval such as Amazon/eBay including ungating, nor do we repond to requests for confirmation of purchases from any third party platforms.
Important: Returns will not be accepted for any issues related to third-party approval.
We can arrange for your order to be delivered directly to an Amazon fulfilment centre.
Please view our Amazon FBA page for more information placing your order and the serivce we can deliver.
Unfortunatley it is not currently possible to pre-order stock.
No. To maintain fairness for all our customers, we do not split packs or amend assortments. All items are sold in the assortment that we receive them from manufacturers.
Damaged items: We will never dispatch damaged boxes; damage is almost always caused during transportation. If a delivery is not received in good condition, the drivers POD (proof of delivery) must be signed stating the issue and the number of damaged boxes. If the delivery is signed without any comments it invalidates any claims for damages that can be made. If you have received a damaged item and have signed for the damage on the POD, please email us within 24 hours of receipt with images of the damages and the product code so that a claim can be raised.

Packaging damage: All items go through a delivery network with several points of handling before reaching you. As a result, there is the possibility of slight packaging damage to items and therefore, we do not raise refund claims in this instance. We will only raise claims for items that have severe packaging damage such as items that have been crushed out of shape and cannot be pushed back or items that have been torn/have a hole in them. Severe damage can only be caused if the outer packaging is clearly damaged in transit. To raise a claim for packaging damage, the delivery POD (proof of delivery) must have the damage noted on it and be reported to us withing 24 hours with clear images of each damaged item being claimed for.

Faulty items: We will happily refund products with emerged manufacturing faults purchased and claimed within a 30-day limit. If a fault emerges between 30 and 365 days of purchase, we reserve the right to have the product repaired if possible, and if not possible, we will issue a refund. To raise a claim, please email us with the product code, details of the fault and any applicable images.

Incorrect item: Please note that incorrect items do not include assortment variations and that assorted products may vary in waves, series and characters from the illustrations on the site. In the unlikely event that you have received an item that you have not ordered, please email us within 24 hours of receipt with images of the incorrect item and the product code. Once the error has been confirmed, we will arrange for the correct item to be sent to you where possible, and request the incorrect item be returned to us (we will cover the reasonable return cost of non-premium carriage). Where it is not possible to send out the correct items or if the cost of replacing the item is higher than the value of the incorrect item, we reserve the right to refund the item.

Unwanted items: We do not offer sale-or-return on products. However, if you have purchased items from us that are unwanted, please contact us and where possible, we will try to assist.
We get many requests from suppliers wanting to work with us, and sadly we do not answer them all individually. Please feel free to send details of your company or range to [email protected]. If we have an interest or would like more details we will contact you.
We do not offer any discounts for bulk or large orders. We always offer our best price to all of our customers and this is the price online.
Yes. It is possible to place orders on a pro-forma basis and make payments by bank transfer. The feature will need to be activated on your account before you are able to use it. Please email us at [email protected] with your company name, postcode and contact number if you would like the feature added to your account.
Sadly we do not have the facilities for viewing products or purchasing from us directly, therefore it is not possible to come to us and shop. The only way to order from NDA Toys is online via our website.
UK customers: Once your order has been dispatched, a Track Your Order link will appear on the My Orders page.

International Customers: We can obtain tracking information from our shippers, however depending on the destination country and time delays this can take a couple of days for the responses to be returned. Once your order has been dispatched, please allow 48 hours before contacting us for tracking information.

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