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Delivering your order to an UK Amazon Fulfilment Centre (FBA)

Placing your order

  • Place your order online. At checkout, add a message in the Special Instructions For NDA box such as: “Amazon/sending labels”. Please note that orders without this instruction will be dispatched automatically without labels.
  • If you require the weights and dimensions of the shipping cartons your order will be sent in, and/or information regarding the contents of the cartons, please email us ([email protected]) immediately upon placing your order requesting this information. Please note: weights, dimensions and contents cannot be provided until the order has been picked, packed and processed and it can delay the shipping of your order by up to 2 working days.
  • If the weights and dimensions are not required, please email us the labels as soon as you have placed your order online.
  • Once you have generated the labels, please send them to [email protected] along with your NDA Toys order number. Your dispatch labels must be provided within a maximum of 2 working days after your order has been processed.
  • We will arrange for the labels to be applied to your order. If you require specific labels to be placed on cartons containing specific items, please ensure you state these instructions clearly in the email attached to the labels.
  • We will notify you by email when your order has been dispatched. Once your order has been delivered, a delivery confirmation will then be texted and emailed to you from the courier. Please note that unlike regular tracking notifications, couriers rarely provided step-by-step tracking for Amazon Fulfilment Centre deliveries. Deliveries to Amazon are delivered as per Amazon’s goods-in procedures and only a confirmed delivery notification will be provided by the courier.
Toy wholesalers for Amazon FBA

Toy wholesalers for Amazon FBA

Keeping in mind the service we can deliver

  • Depending on the size and items ordered, most orders will be packed together into larger cartons. This may result in multiple packs and/or different items being packed together in one carton.
  • Orders will be packed in the most economical and efficient way by our dispatchers. It is therefore not possible to specify the carton dimensions or weight for your order.
  • Your order will be shipped to the delivery address on our system. It is imperative that you check and update where necessary the delivery information for your order before emailing us the shipping labels. Your Amazon shipping labels will not be considered by our couriers. They are for the use of Amazon once your order has been delivered to them.
  • We are unable to label each individual product or each product carton. We will only apply one label to each shipping carton, which may contain multiple products, dependent on size.
  • Our invoices will show: Our address, company name and VAT number, your invoice and delivery address, the product code, name, quantity, price and totals. Our invoices cannot be adjusted or amended.
  • We do not provide any services with third-party approval such as with Amazon/eBay.
  • We cannot deliver to any Amazon Fulfilment centers outside of the UK.
  • We have found that despite Amazon not signing for individual deliveries, in the event of a claim where they claim items may not have been received, they request a POD that specifically shows the individual items being delivered. If we dispatch goods to an Amazon fulfilment centre, and we have confirmed delivery from the courier, we will be unable to process claims for shortages/losses or damages and though we will do our best, we may not be able to assist with their specific requests.