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Brexit Information

Ordering and shipping to the EU after Brexit

Import duty is payable on some products to the destination country’s Customs Authority along with the destination country VAT.

UK VAT will be zero rated for goods leaving the UK (exported). Once the goods enter the destination country Import VAT will normally need to be paid, VAT registered businessed can reclaim the VAT incurred subject to the normal rules in their country. This is the same as pre-Brexit.

Import duty
Destination country import duty is applicable to some products; we have now added the EU product duty rates and cost per unit to our product pages online. The EU duty information online is for your information only and is not included in our price.
EU duty rates for products sold via NDA Toys range between 0% and 12% with an average of less than 2.85% (This is correct on 13th January 2021)*.

As required for the movement of goods and customs process, our invoices and dispatch notes will include:
Duty, VAT and fee display
To assist in your purchase decisions, we display the approximate destination country’s duty, disbursement fees and VAT on the checkout page. This cost is due on import. The amount will not be paid to us; it will be invoiced to you and paid by you to our couriers, who will then pay the taxes/duty to the correct tax/customs department.

Ordering from us using our door-to-door delivery service:

The ordering process will remain the same and all orders still need to be placed online. Low value orders will be shipped in boxes using the simplified paperless trade method.
Larger orders will be shipped via pallet at our discretion.

Once your order has been shipped, you will be sent an invoice by our courier for the destination country’s duty including disbursement fee and VAT. Once this has been paid, your order will be released for delivery to your door.

Ordering from us and arranging your own delivery

You can arrange the collection of your order with freight forwarders of your choice or we can arrange delivery to your UK mainland freight forwarders. For zero UK VAT, we require you to provide valid proof of export within 30 days of your order being shipped from us, showing the goods have left the UK. You will still be responsible for paying the destination import duty, fees and VAT.

Acceptable Proof of Export
You will normally be able to get the appropriate document from the freight forwarder, shipping company or airline you have used to transport the goods. It is important you confirm with your freight forwarder that they are able to provide you with valid proof of export documents before placing your order.

You may only require one of the valid proof of export documents below depending on the mode of transport you have used: Ensure the following information is clearly displayed on such evidence:
Please note that photocopy certificates of shipment are not normally acceptable as evidence of export, nor are photocopy bills of lading, sea-waybills or air-waybills (unless authenticated by the shipping or airline company).

You will need to confirm that you will provide us with the required documents at the checkout stage before your order can be zero rated. NDA Toys reserves the right to request and hold a deposit equal to the UK VAT for your order before your order is collected. Any deposit that is held will be refunded upon receipt of valid shipping documents. Failure to provide the UK VAT deposit when requested will result in your order being cancelled and refunded.

Valid proof of export documents must be provided within 30 days or dispatch.